ALCE - Air Mobility - Military Reference

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Publications and Forms

Air Mobility Organizations - AMC Affiliation / Air Mobility Training - Air Mobility Exercises

Publications and Forms - Veterans' Rights

Contingency Operations. Com Publications

Stage Report

ALCE Report

TALCE/Stage Reference

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Airflow Chart

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Aircrew Management

USERRA Retirement Claim Form


Air Force Doctrine Documents

AFDD 2-6 – Air Mobility Operations

AFDD 2-8 – Command and Control


Air Force Handbooks

AFH 33-337 – The Tongue and Quill


Air Force Instructions

AFI 11-2AEV3 - Aeromedical Evacuation Operations

AFI 11-2AEV3ADDA - Aeromedical Evacuation Operations - Configuration / Mission Planning

AFI 11-2C-130v3 - C130 Operations

AFI 11-2C-130v3 ADD-A - C130 Planning

AFI 11-2C-17v3 - C17 Operations

AFI 11-2C-17v3 ADD-A - C17 Planning

AFI 11-2C-5v3 - C5 Operations

AFI 11-2C-5v3 ADD-A - C5 Planning

AFI 11-2KC-10v3 - KC10 Operations

AFI 11-2KC-135v3 - KC135 Operations

AFI 11-218 – Aircraft Operations and Movement on the Ground

AFI 13-106 – Air Mobility Liaison Officers

AFI 13-217 – Landing and Drop Zone Operations

AFI 21-101 – Aircraft and Equipment Maintenance Management

AFI 41-301 - Worldwide Aeromedical Evacuation System

AFI 44-165 - Administering Aeromedical Staging Facilities

AFI 90-901 – Operational Risk Management


Air Force Manuals

AFMAN 10-100 – Airman’s Manual

AFMAN 10-2602 – NBCC Defense Operations and Standards

AFMAN 10-401v2 – Planning Formats and Guidance

AFMAN 24-204(I) – Air Cargo Preparation


Air Force Pamphlets

AFPAM 10-1403 – Air Mobility Planning Factors

AFPAM 10-219v5 – Bare Base Conceptual Planning Guide

AFPAM 11-238 – TAF and METAR Quick Reference

AFPAM 32-2004 – Aircraft Fire Protection

AFPAM 90-902 – Operational Risk Management Guidelines and Tools

AFPAM 91-212 - BASH Management

AFPAM 91-216 – USAF Safety Deployment and Contingency Operations


Air Force Occupational Safety and Health Standard

AFOSHSTD 91-100 – Flightline Operations


Air Force Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

AFTTP(I)  3-2.21 – JTF Liaison Integration

AFTTP3-42.5 Aeromedical Evacuation


Air Force Visual Aids

AFVA 10-2510 - Emergency Notification

AFVA 10-2511 – Attack Warning Signals

AFVA 10-2512 – MOPP Levels

AFVA 11-240 – USAF Airport Markings and Signs

AFVA 32-4022 - UXO Recognition



Air Force Publication Sources

USAF e-Publishing

USAF Portal Login

A3MM - Mobile Command and Control (MIL)

A3MM CoP - Mobile Command and Control (MIL)

A3OC - Fixed Command and Control (MIL)

Strategic Air Tech Orders - C-17, C-5 (MIL)

AFMC/A3V - Flight Manual Support (MIL)

Air Force T.O. Catalog (MIL)

T.O. System Information (MIL)

AMC Command Aircraft Systems Training (CAST) (MIL)

Air Force Knowledge Online (MIL)

Air War College Gateway


Air Mobility Command Affiliation Workbook

AMC A3MM - Affiliation (MIL)

AMCAW 36-101v1

AMCAW 36-101v2


Air Mobility Command Handbook

AMCH 11-214 – AMC HAZMAT Handbook


Air Mobility Command Instructions

AMCI 10-202v4 – Expeditionary Air Mobility Support Operations

AMCI 10-202v4cl1 – Checklists

AMCI 10-202v6 – Mission Reporting

AMCI 11-208 – Tanker / Airlift Operations

AMCI 13-101 – Air Mobility Liaison Officers (Obsolete)

AMCI 24-101v11 – Cargo and Mail Policy


Air Mobility Command Mission Encode/Decode Tables

AMC Mission Tables (MIL)


Air Mobility Command Pamphlet

AMCPAM 10-210 – Stage Operations

AMCPAM11-303 - Access to the Aeromedical Evacuation System

AMCPAM 24-2v1 - CRAF Load Planning Guide


AFCESA Engineering Technical Letters


AFCESA ETL 04-2 – Airfield Markings

AFCESA ETL 04-7 – Landing Zone Criteria

AFCESA ETL 97-9 – Semi-Prepared Airfields


Unified Facilities Criteria

Whole Building Design Guide - Unified Facilities Criteria

UFC 3-260-01 - Airfield and Heliport Planning and Design


FAA Advisory Circulars

FAA AC 150 Series

AC 150/5300-13 – Airfield Planning

AC 150/5340-1 – Airfield Markings

FAA Aeronautical Information Manual

FAA International Flight Information Manual

FAA Air Traffic Publications



Boeing Airport Planning Manuals


Joint / Combined Publication Sources

Joint Doctrine Education and Training Electronic Information System (JDEIS) (MIL)

Pentagon Foreign Clearance Guide (MIL)

DoD Defense Transportation Regulations

Department of Defense Issuances

Department of Defense Forms

Defense Logistics Agency Publishing System

RAND - Project Air Force


Air Mobility Forms

Department of Defense

Department of Defense Forms

     DD836 - HAZMAT Declaration

     DD1249 - SAAM/Exercise Airlift Request

     DD1351-2 - Travel Voucher

          DD1351-2 - Travel Voucher Continuation

     DD1384 - Transportation Control Document

     DD1385 - Cargo Manifest

     DD1387 - Military Shipment Label

     DD1387-2 - Special Handling Data

     DD1974 - Joint Tactical Airlift Request

     DD2130-1 - C5 Load Plan

     DD2130-2 - C130 Load Plan

     DD2130-6 - KC10 Load Plan (17 Pallet)

     DD2130-7 - KC10 Load Plan (23 Pallet)

     DD2130-13 - C17 Load Plan

     DD2130-14 - KC135 Load Plan

     DD2131 - Passenger Manifest

     DD2133 - Joint Airlift Inspection

     DD2768 - Airlift PAX/Cargo Request

     DD2775 - Pallet Identifier

Air Force Forms

Air Force E-Publishing Library

     AF40A - Inactive Duty Training

     AF190 - Illness/Injury Report

     AF1297 - Temporary Issue Receipt

     AF1800 - General Vehicle Inspection

     AF1810 - MHE Vehicle Inspection

      AF 1881 - Hostile Fire Pay

     AF3822 - Landing Zone Survey

     AF3823 - Drop Zone Survey

     AF 3994 - Recommendation for Decoration

     AF4303 - Helicopter LZ Survey

    AF4304 - DZ/LZ Control Log

Air Mobility Command Forms

Air Force E-Publishing Library

     AMC5 - AMC C2 Manning Report

     AMC174 - Airfield Survey

     AMC356 - Aircraft Flow Chart

     AMC1030 - Events Log

     AMC1033 - Dangerous Goods Declaration

      AMC1033-1 - Dangerous Goods Declaration


Department of Defence Issuances

Department of Defense Issuances

DODD 4500.43 – Operational Support Airlift

DODD 4500.56 – Use of Government Aircraft and Air Travel

DOD 4515.13-R – Air Transportation Eligibility

DOD 3025.1-M – DOD Manual for Civil Emergencies


Joint Publications

Joint Electronic Library

Joint Doctrine Education and Training Electronic Information System (JDEIS) (MIL)

JP 3-17 – Joint Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for Air Mobility Operations

JP 3-28 – Civil Support

JP 3-30 – Command and Control for Joint Air Operations

JP 3-57 – Joint Doctrine for Civil-Military Operations

JP 3-68 – Noncombatant Evacuation Operations